The Study of Hair

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Collectively, our team has 250 years of experience cutting hair, and we share our knowledge with each other once a month in our Trichology Family trainings. Whatever you have in mind, we're here for it.


Trichology is a team of Stylists.

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When we say we study hair, we mean it.

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A photo of Kirsten, a Trichology Client with a cute short bob.

Kirsten @kirstenjermain

"Trichology gave me my dream hair! I always have an amazing experience at Trichology, and look forward to my appointments. Travis gave me the best haircut I’ve ever had, and Callie has absolutely perfected my low maintenance blonde! I get tons of compliments on my hair, even weeks after my appointment."

The Study of Hair™

The Trichology Icon: a capital T composed of nine vertical lines, the outer six of which have been trimmed to form the shape of T in a nod to the process of cutting hair.